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Kris Durbin is running for Shawnee City Council!

Kris Durbin

A message from Kris:

Shawnee is such a wonderful place to call home! Even though I was not born and raised in Shawnee, I am so happy to call it my home now. When my family was presented with the opportunity to settle down in one location, we were sure that Shawnee was where we wanted to be. Now, after nearly eight years living here, we are certain we made the right choice!

As much as we love Shawnee, I am also concerned about our community's future. Escalating taxes, a penchant for irresponsible spending, and a lack of fiscal priorities threaten the livelihood of all Shawnee residents. Our city does a lot of great things, but just a few bad decisions can outweigh all of the good ones. I don't think it's too late to fix these few mistakes. I want to represent Ward 4 as a mind for fiscal responsibility. My top priority as your councilmember will be to keep taxes low.


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