Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions I get about my campaign and our city:

  • Q: Do you support the proposed community center in Western Shawnee?
    A: Putting it simply, no. The idea of a new community center is a good one in theory, but the plan that the city has laid out for this community center is dangerous for our future. We can build a community center, but there is "A Better Way." (Read more details about my position here.)

  • Q: Do you want to cut spending for Police and Fire?
    A: Absolutely not. Our public safety services are the most important services that our city provides, and their ability to operate at the capacity necessary to keep our community safe is one of my highest priorities if I am elected to city council.

  • Q: Do you want to shut down city programs, eliminate city workers, or cut existing budgets?
    A: While I do not support every program and incentive that the city offers, we must maintain our obligations to the community, our partners, and the city employees. I want to leave these programs alone and allow for them to come under review naturally through the course of governance.

  • Q: Do you support Tax Increment Financing?
    A: No. TIFs are risky ventures that decentivize organic commercial growth. There are better ways to attract developers and incentivize ventures in our community that do not involve TIFs.

  • Q: Do you support Community Improvement Districts?
    A: With the correct set of circumstances, community support, and planning, CIDs can be beneficial to the communities that use them. CIDs offer very specific improvements to a locale that has agreed to and voted for the assessments and improvements. CIDs should not be used as a substitute for other assessments or TIFs, and each CID opportunity should be examined, planned, and limited enough in scope to be able to provide objective, necessary, and substantial improvements to a limited subdivision of the city.

  • Q: What do we do about the condition of our roads?
    A: This winter was brutal on the roads in our region, and I believe that the Shawnee Public Works department will come through for us like they often do. The city's 2019 budget covers resurfacing of about 7% of the city roads. The rest will have to be maintained by filling potholes. At this rate, all of our roads will get resurfaced about once in every 15 years. We can address this problem in two different ways: First, ensuring that our Public Works teams are equipped with the proper tools and equipment to maintain our roads should be considered an investment that protects them for generations to come. Second, we need to plan for the future; budgeting with the end of life of our roads in mind will allow for our city to cover the costs of resurfacing when it's needed.

  • Q: Where is Shawnee Ward 4?
    A: Ward 4 in Shawnee generally covers the areas south of Shawnee Mission Parkway, north of the Lenexa border, East of Kansas Highway 7, and west of Pflumm Road. Additional Ward 4 areas include the blocks between Pflumm Road and Nieman Road south of 71st Street, and the block between Lackman Road and Pflumm Road south of 63rd Street.

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