The Vision and Path

I believe in a simple and responsible method to governing our city: spend every dollar like it's your own, plan and save for the future, and provide our public safety professionals with the tools that they need to keep us all secure. This formula combined with the following high-level plan, will ensure our city's long-term stability and strength:

  • Keep Taxes Low
    • I refuse to support any new, city-wide sales taxes or property taxes, including mill levies.
  • Public Safety
    • Ensure funding and resources for public safety are the top budget priority for the City.
  • Stop Wasteful Spending
    • Hold the City management accountable for spending.
    • Refuse new spending programs that do not:
      • Enhance public safety,
      • Maintain critical services and existing infrastructure, or
      • Remunerate existing obligations.
  • Diversify Revenue Sources
    • Minimize the escalation of residential property and consumption taxes with effective management of tax abatements and the elimination of risky TIF programs;
    • Foster an environment for sustainable and organic commercial growth.
  • Eliminate Debt
    • Do not acquire any new debt services that are not for critical services and existing infrastructure or public safety.
  • Don't Shock the System
    • With fiscal responsibility as a priority, it is also prudent to ensure that citizens and city employees can expect continuity in all existing services;
    • I will not support a shock to the system with closure or elimination of services;
    • Instead, I will allow existing service and policy sustainability to become under review in the natural progression of governance.

If you have questions or suggestions relating to this platform, please contact me so that we can talk about your ideas!

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